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Portable Folding Brochure / Literature Stands

Our Pop Up, Folding and easy assemble products will have your booth up and running in no time! Businesses spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on marketing materials and literature to promote their business image. Why fall short when it comes to displaying your valuable information? As a manufacturer, our Portable & Folding Magazine Racks & Literature Stands for display and trade shows are always In-Stock and Ready to Ship.

Portable Brochure holder - ideal for trade shows and exhibitions. Our range of portable folding brochure holders are strong lightweight and easy to use making them ideal for displaying your sales and corporate literature at exhibition and trade shows. Whether you need a A4 6 pocket leaflet dispenser or a lightweight fabric brochure rack are ideal for corporate reception areas, museums, schools, hospitals and retail environments or use as magazine display racks.


Portable Brochure Holder / Literature Stand (A3)

Model #:DBS 3-1  (Hardware Price: $175.00 + GST)

Literature holders, such as these catalogue racks, provide a multi-level catalogue display system with an unobstructed view of magazines, brochures, or any other literature you wish to display. Simple to set-up and have three different height levels. The carrying case also features a foam-lined interior, ensuring the literature rack does not get damaged when in transport.

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Portable Brochure Holder / Literature Stand (A4)

Model #:DBS 3-2  (Hardware Price: $149.00 + GST)

Brochure holders such as our literature racks and pamphlet holders are perfect for showcasing your corporate literature, retail flyers and take-away information. Simple to set-up and have three different height levels. The carrying case also features a foam-lined interior, ensuring the literature rack fits right and does not get damaged when in transport.

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The image of your exhibition stand can be dependent on how your literature is displayed and with so much effort put into the appearance of your exhibition stand, it helps if you can create an amazing display with minimal effort. Setting up your stand can be restricted by time, so why wouldn’t you display your literature on a stand that is not only convenient to your needs throughout the whole process of working at exhibitions but also looks fantastic?

When displaying your literature at an exhibition, it is not just about how many brochures your display stand can hold, and there are many factors you should consider when choosing a portable brochure display for your exhibition, conference or show.

For instance, don’t settle for a fixed display that is not collapsible, just because it looks good. Remember that fixed displays can be bulky in storage and hard to transport, so while they may look good, they may not be practical. On the other hand don’t compromise on quality and appearance to get a display that is mobile. Both could cause problems that might contribute to a stressful display unit that does not suit your needs. However, it is possible to have a high quality folding brochure holder which looks great and is perfect for use at exhibitions to help make your life a lot simpler.

Having a portable pamphlet holder / literature rack / acrylic brochure display rack that you can rely on can be a huge advantage when working at exhibitions, conferences or shows. Ultimately you want to be able to pop the display stand in the car without any storage or transport worries. For a successful display that is no trouble, you should be able to transport the brochure holder to different shows in a compact carry case and be able to erect the display in seconds. It is also vital that you know the display is durable and creates an attractive display.

If you travel to different locations for exhibitions, a folding brochure holder that collapses to a small size and fits in a professional carry case is ideal. When preparing for a conference, a portable literature rack that is easy to put up will save time and stress at the hectic stage of setting up your display. If you're looking to catch the attention of your buyers, it makes sense to use a striking display stand of a high quality. However, if you're looking to pack your display away quickly after a show, all you'll want is a brochure holder that folds down in seconds, so when the conference or exhibition is over you'll be able to store away the collapsible literature holder in its protective a carry case and be on your way to your next exhibition quickly.

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